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Norfolk Experiment Imperial Stout

Urban Legend Series

Norfolk Experiment Imperial Stout

AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1 A World War two rumored experiment was the teleportation and small-scale time travel (with the ship sent a few seconds in the past) of the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Norfolk, Virginia, on October 28, 1943. The bizarre story used Albert Einsteinís unified field theory to make a ship disappear. He also claimed the ship and crew were teleported from Philadelphia to reappear in Norfolk and other ports making the destroyer escort invisible to enemy devices. The U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted.

Jet Black
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Tasting Notes
A viscous, jet black Imperial Stout with intense flavors of coffee, dried fruit, dark chocolate, roast malt and warming alcohol. Sharp hops mingle with robust and intense malt.

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