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Women in Black Eisbock

Urban Legend Series

Women in Black Eisbock

AVAILABLE MARCH 12th According to a March 1902 article in The Roanoke Times, a 'Woman in Black' was terrorizing the men of Roanoke. No one knew who she was, where she came from, or why she was there, but she was known to be strikingly beautiful with 'dancing eyes'. She would unexpectedly appear and vanish, as if materializing from the shadows and when she spoke, icy needles of fear pierced the hearts of listeners. There have been reports that after she left Roanoke, she went to Bluefield and was later deemed a ghost in Nebraska. The acclaimed legend theorized that she is the ghost of a scorned woman, returning from the hearafter to sway husbands from their wives. Share it with a Woman in Black, if you can find her.

Deep Copper Color
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Tasting Notes
Post fermentation, this strong lager is further concentrated by freezing a portion of the liquid off - removing water and leaving a more potent and remarkable smooth "sipping" beer. Expect a deep copper color, rich malt, and fruity esters with an edgy warmth.

Food Pairings

Best consumed as an aperitif, fireside beer, or paired with bold game dishes or rich desserts.

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