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Glencoe Ghost

Urban Legend Series

Glencoe Ghost

It was in 1985 that the old Victorian house on 222 North Street seemed to call out to Anne McGowen. It had been abandoned for years and in need of much repair. After several years trying to acquire the property, she was able to purchase it and begin renovations. One day while working in a back room on the third floor, she noticed a ghostly figure in what had been the old rose garden. Having tended roses as a young girl in her native Scotland, she realized immediately what the spirit was trying to tell her, an old Victorian house needs a traditional English garden. Now fully renovated and complete with a beautiful garden, the spirit roams the halls of the old house. Ghostly footsteps and the scent of roses are the only traces she leaves for the guests of the bed & breakfast. Flavor profile: Our Scottish Ruddy is inspired by the Ghost of Glencoe Inn. A strong Scottish ale with the deep red color of old English Roses and just a hint of rose hips as a tip of our hats to the Glencoe Ghost.

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