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The Witch of Oak Hill Road Beer Release!

Thursday, October 5   at   11AM - 11PM

Legend Brewing Company
 321 W 7th St Richmond, VA 23224

Mirrored to tell the folklore tale of the Gravity Hill in Danville, Va; It's said that if your car is in neutral at the Oak Hill and Berry Hill intersection it will begin rolling backwards up the hill and gaining speed towards the Oak Hill Cemetery. Legend has it a local woman accused of witchcraft was hung in the cemetery with crosses encircling the site to keep her malevolent spirit at bay. Locals believe the phenomenon of the Gravity Hill is the spirit of the witch pulling you towards her spirit trapped in the cemetery. This High Gravity Ale is is a strong ale with a clean malt character, light body, and bright hop flavors. Light in color and deceptively smooth; Expect a big hop aroma with notes of lemon, grapefruit, melon and mint. Expect a deft, dry finish. ABV 7.5%